Goa through Maps

Located along the Konkan coast in western India, Goa is one of the smallest states in the country. Its capital has shifted with time – from Chandor in the ancient period to Velha Goa (Old Goa) during the Portuguese rule to Panaji as the current capital city. Formerly under Portuguese occupation, Goa became a part of India in 1961 and attained statehood in 1987.

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When tourism first opened in the 1960s, the beachside slice began to gain the reputation of a holiday destination. While Goa’s popularity soared with its sun-and-sand attractions, the state has more to offer. Beyond the beaches, Goa hosts a rich cultural and ecological landscape from the mangroves to the khazans and across its rich wildlife reserves.

Goa through Maps introduces you to Goa’s unique character — where a cosmopolitan living culture exists alongside a rich heritage. Warmth and hospitality is abundant, and culinary practices create long lasting bonds. The traditions and languages of those residing in Goa might differ but a shared sense of community brings them together.